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2018 Retirement Planning: How much is enough?

Some hope for the best rather than plan for the best. But with professional advice, retirement is just the beginning.

2018 Making the Most of Your Super

With more Australians living longer, you may spend more time in retirement than you will working - which is good…so long as you’ve got the income.

2018 Self Managed Super Fund: Are SMSF's the way of the future?

Is self-managed super the way of the future?

2018 Estate Planning: the basic essentials

What control do you have over your assets when you pass?

2018 Insurance in Superannuation

2018 Personal Insurance: It's better to be safe than sorry

Sickness or injury can strike any of us at any time. Being sick or injured is no fun, but the impact can go way beyond you to affect your family and loved ones.

2018 Life and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance

Life and Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance

2018 Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness cover is designed to help you financially recover from a trauma or crisis, such as a heart attack, stroke, cancer or other life threatening conditions.

2018 Income Protection Insurance

Income protection insurance is designed to provide a regular income in the event you are temporarily unable to work due to sickness or injury.

2018 Life Stages

Life Stages

2018 Market Volatility: How NOT to make rash moves

From time to time, equity markets will experience bouts of volatility due to a variety of reasons. Here are 9 key messages that may be used to stop you making rash moves.

Tax Tips for Businesses - 2018

Tax Tips for Individuals - 2018

Professional Sportspeople

Bitcoin Buzz

Uber Tax Guide

SMSF Guide

SMSF Bare Trust Explained

Top 10 tips to help rental property owners avoid common tax mistakes

Time Poor Managers

Working Together to Create Financial Possibilities

How To Save Tax Presentation - June 2017

Top-up your super with help from the Government

Top up your income when cutting back work

Sacrifice pre-tax salary into super

Make insurance more affordable

Make tax-deductible super contributions

Convert your super into a tax-effective retirement income

Convert business capital into tax-free retirement benefits

Contribute to super and offset capital gains tax

Super Tax Thresholds 2017-2018

Centrelink Fact Sheet

Aged care fees and charges pre 1 July 2014

Aged care fees and changes post 1 July 2014

6 Steps To Prepare Your SMSF Before 1 July 2017

On 1 July 2017, the biggest changes to super rules in 10 years will come into effect. They touch on everything from contributions to pension drawdowns.  

Company Tax Cuts

Companies with a turnover of up to $50 million a year will receive a tax cut taking the rate down from 30% to 27.5%

Stamp Duty Increases

Stamp Duty Increases for Investors from 1 July 2017 – for Off the Plan Purchases

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