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The golden rules of wealth creation

November 7, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Many people fail to create wealth because they lack knowledge of where to start, or confidence in their ability to make the right decisions1. No one automatically knows how to budget, or save or invest wisely, these are skills you need to learn. If you’re keen to create wealth and a strong financial future, you need to begin by taking the time to educate yourself.

How does Global Inflation impact Australian Investors?

October 31, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Inflation is the rate at which the price of goods and services rise (and the power of money falls). It’s an issue for everyone (no one likes paying more for anything), but while you’re earning income, your salary should (in theory), increase along with the cost of living, leaving you no better or worse off. For retirees, who are now surviving on their savings and investments, inflation can be a threat, because the cost of living increases, while the value of their investments may not. If you have a good financial planner, they have most likely built a buffer for inflation into your retirement targets to counteract these increases.

How do foreign exchange fluctuations impact Australian investments

October 23, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Foreign exchange risk (or currency risk) is the financial risk of an investment’s value changing due to the changes in currency exchange rates1. Any time you invest in an asset with an overseas connection you will be exposed to foreign exchange (or FX) risk.

Why Australian investors are impacted by international interest rates

October 17, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

In 2017’s global economy it’s impossible for any country to behave as though it’s in a vacuum. Why Australian investors are impacted by international interest rates is determined by a number of factors. These days, every developed country is interconnected and even if Australian shares no border with another nation, economic factors like international share prices and interest rates affect Australian investors.

High yield shares don’t always make a good long term investment

October 9, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

It’s easy to become caught up in fads, or generally accepted behaviour. Everyone does it. Kids have marbles, trading cards and lately, fidget spinners. Investment styles go in and out of fashion too. It’s true, as the market moves and changes, certain investment methods or sectors do generate better results. These opportunities are possibly short term, but definitely compelling to investors seeking to maximise financial prosperity.

How your super assets add value to your retirement

September 19, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

When you’re saving for your retirement, you have to make decisions on which assets to invest in. If your super is held in a retail fund, this could be as simple as choosing a risk profile and the fund will do the rest. If you’re an SMSF investor you have more choice over where your investment goes and you’ll need to choose assets with the best opportunity for return and capital gains.

Are low risk assets as safe as they seem?

September 7, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Investing your wealth involves a lot of decision making. One of the first choices you need to think about is how much risk you’re willing to take on when it comes to the asset classes you’re investing in. Traditionally some assets (like shares) are considered ‘risky’ and others, (like cash and term deposits) are considered ‘safe’. You probably won’t be surprised to hear that the reality is not so simple.

Superannuation is a long term investment

July 27, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

“It’s your time in the market, not your timing of the market that will have the most impact on your final balance at retirement1”.

Superannuation is a long term investment by nature. As you look over your statements and updates through the years, you’ll see that some years your investments may go backwards, especially if the share market hasn’t had a great year. It might be hard to look at your reduced value portfolio in some year-end reports, but if you hang in there, over the long term, you’ll see the overall trend is upward. Trust this trend. Don’t be spooked by market volatility. Whatever you do, don’t try to sell your way out of a market downturn.

Smart EOFY Strategies 2016/17: Individuals

June 8, 2017 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

We know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to wealth management. So we’ve outlined 12 tax-effective strategies that you may benefit from. We can help you find what strategies are right for you, so you can benefit now and also save your retirement.

The final countdown: super reforms start on July 1

· Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Over the past weeks we’ve been doing our best to present the impacts of the upcoming super reforms in a way that’s clear and gives you a sense of what you need to expect on 1 July. And as we enter the final month of the financial year, we hope you have prepared yourself and your superannuation for the upcoming changes. Just in case you haven’t, here’s a quick summary of the main reforms and what you might need to do to be ready for each. You will need to act quickly (if you haven’t already) so perhaps put your financial adviser on speed dial for the next few weeks. Below, we’ve listed the topics of our recent series on super reforms and included a link to each blog so you can easily find out more about whichever topic concerns you. And of course, your first step should be to contact your financial adviser.