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Preventing Insolvency Post-JobKeeper

October 19, 2020 · Published by R J Sanderson And Associates Pty Ltd

With insolvencies down 60 per cent this year compared to 2019, removal of these measures could have resulted in a spike in insolvencies. How would this affect the economy? A rise in insolvencies would result in increased unemployment and a decline in consumer and business confidence.

What Does the Recession Mean for Me?

October 15, 2020 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

For many Australian’s, the memories of the last recession have been buried deep by almost 30 years without one.

Now that Australia is officially in a recession after two quarters of economic decline, the big question is - How will this affect the community moving forward?

Accessed Super Early? How to Rebuild

October 7, 2020 · Published by RJS Super Solutions Pty Ltd

The core purpose of superannuation is to provide a nest egg in retirement. Creating less dependence on Government support and more financial independence and lifestyle choices for individuals.

In an attempt to ease some of the financial hardship caused by the impact of COVID-19, the Government has approved early access to superannuation, an important initiative to help make ends meet during uncertain times.

COVID-19 Grant Updates

October 6, 2020 · Published by R J Sanderson And Associates Pty Ltd

Many Local Councils have developed Business Grants so check this on the local council website

JobKeeper Update

· Published by R J Sanderson And Associates Pty Ltd

The JobKeeper benefit has reduced to $1200 for Tier 1 employees and $750 for Tier 2 employees

$800m Federal Budget 2020 Plan to Push Business Digital

October 5, 2020 · Published by R J Sanderson And Associates Pty Ltd

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced an $800 million plan as part of the upcoming Federal Budget to push businesses in adopting new digital technologies and aid in post COVID recovery.

The goal is for more business to go digital, thus expanding opportunities for growth and creating more jobs.

What Is Investment Advice? – Tips to Invest Safely

September 14, 2020 · Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

It’s the idea of keeping your head when all around you lose theirs. With good investment advice, you can capitalise on market changes.

Investing is inherently risky, so it’s always possible that you could lose money, even with good research and advice. However, the potential gains are what draws so many to investing. If you get it right, you can improve your financial standing and create a better future for yourself.

We are in a recession… What does that mean?

· Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

Formally announcing that the country is in a recession is typically dependent upon Australia’s gross domestic product (GDP), and is assessed over 2 successive financial quarters. Not just the performance of the economy over a day or month. A recession will typically require two successive quarters where Australia’s GDP has fallen.

Is about income or asset value? – The Three Key Lessons You Must Learn About Creating Wealth.

· Published by RJS Wealth Management Pty Ltd

If you focus solely on the numbers when deciding which stocks to buy, that’s fine in a way. After all, almost all share investment strategies will require you to look at the numbers. But in many cases, you don’t “solely” do that. The question now is, which numbers should you look at?

EOFY Frequently Asked Questions – Individuals

June 18, 2020 · Published by R J Sanderson And Associates Pty Ltd

As the end of another tax year rapidly approaches on 30 June, we’ve put together an End of Financial Year FAQs to help you maximise tax time benefits.