What to Look For in a Property Investment

What to Look For in a Property Investment

September 21, 2023
54 mins

For many of us, property investment is a once-in-a-lifetime endeavour. Therefore, it's crucial that we make the best possible choice. Our webinar today unravels the secrets of industry experts, illuminating why their strategies consistently yield higher returns.

What should you really focus on when choosing the ideal investment property?

With a panel of experts with proven experience in property selection and ownership structures, this seminar is a valuable source of practical information in a world awash with dramatic headlines and unsolicited advice from friends and colleagues.

Given that most landlords own a single property, it makes sense to ensure it is the right one.

Expert Panel

  1. Roy Sanderson
  2. Gaurav Bhatia

The webinar is designed for considering making an investment, however it can also be used by existing investors to review their current investment in a different light.

Register and watch the recording on actionable ways to maximise your profits with expert strategies.

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