Financial Goals – How will you hit them?

June 1, 2022
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As with any New Year’s resolution, short term or long term goal, there will be moments where it can get difficult to stick to your guns. Whether that be making it to the gym that day, choosing the healthier option at lunch or staying focussed on achieving your financial goals.

What’s behind your financial goals?

What are your motivations for wanting to save that extra cash? This might be that be spoiling a family member on their birthday, upgrading the family car or purchasing your first home. To provide motivation when times get difficult, it helps to understand your deeper why.What could the deeper motivations be for purchasing your own home? Could it be more privacy or the stability of a permanent home for a growing family?

Make it as easy as possible

Getting your finances in order can lay out a clear path to reaching your goals. It’s never too late to get your tax documents and other financial documents sorted. Having documents such as bank statements, credit card information, investment information, and insurance policies easily accessible and stored properly can save more time than expected.

Where is your money going?

A $2 coffee 5 days a week can add up to $520 during the working year. Budgeting isn’t often called as a task to look forward to, but it can provide an opportunity to open your eyes to where you spend your money, and where you would rather shift your focus.Check out our blog on how to budget in 6 easy ways.

Celebrate your milestones

Little goals and little victories are a great way to ensure long term success. Make sure that smaller feats are still celebrated. The reward could be lunch out with a friend, a day trip with the family or purchasing an item you’ve had your eye on for a while, celebrating when you’ve done well can be an important (and easily welcomed) way to help you reach your goals.

An RJS Strategic Wealth Planner could help line up your goals, and help you on the path to reaching them. Book a complimentary appointment by clicking here, or contact us on (03) 9794 0010.

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June 1, 2022

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